Girls should not be sold.

You can prevent these abuses.
Partner with us to rescue, restore and equip them for new life.

Visionary Partner

When girls are abused and sold, their souls languish. They cannot imagine living in dignity and freedom, but you can envision that for her! Your vision can set her free! Become a visionary partner, a monthly sustainer, who believes that she is worthy of rescue and worthy of your investment.

Happening Now

Every girl deserves to know she is loved and valued. Sadly, girls in the places where She Is Safe works don’t know anything beyond abuse and slavery. You can provide the freedom they need to become all they are created to be. You can change their lives today

Woman sewing and smiling

In Myanmar, Daw San’s husband died from COVID-19. Grief overwhelmed her, and she had no idea how she could care for her two children without his income. Fearing COVID-19 exposure, her family would not come near to help her. The situation was desperate — the kind of desperation that often leads young moms to fall for the tricks of traffickers. Read about her story on our blog.

She Is Safe needs your help to end our fiscal year strong! A $25,000 match will double your gift until June 30! Don’t miss this opportunity to double your impact in rescuing and equipping even more vulnerable girls and women.

Woman sewing and smiling

Ten-year-old Adila* dreamt of going to school instead of spending her days in a refugee tent. She was forced to abandon her education when her family fled her home country. Among war refugees and unreached people groups in the Middle East, education for girls is almost nonexistent. Daughters are often considered property, a commodity to be used or sold to provide an income for suffering families. Read more to see how your support is changing her future.

Our Vision

She Is Safe envisions every girl safe, free and equipped to become the woman God created her to be – contributing to a stronger future for everyone.

12 Month Impact

directly benefited from She is Safe programs.

children and community members trained to prevent abuse and trafficking.

COVID-affected families received food and other supplies.