Church Engagement


In 2014, one church north of Atlanta, GA was introduced to She Is Safe’s work in a region in Nepal where every girl over the age of 12 was trafficked into the brothels of India due to their families’ poverty. They said, “No more.”

By providing goats and training at-risk girls to care for and breed them, girls were able to remain safe with their families.

The church came alongside She Is Safe and started raising funds, realizing they could do more collectively. At Christmas, they invited their congregation to give the way Christ gave when He came into the world, relationally and sacrificially. Over the years, this church of about 200 members contributed to an 85 percent reduction in the trafficking of girls in this region of Nepal.

Now, that church is able to see their tangible impact in that country, receiving photos of teenage girls who would have otherwise been enslaved and hearing stories of life transformation. Generations of girls are now safe and free, and this village once known for its girls is now known for its goats!


Our vision is to see every girl safe, free and equipped to become the woman that God has created her to be.

Our Church Partnerships in their own words.

What We Offer

We are passionate about connecting and partnering with churches that align with God’s heart to free and equip girls and women across the globe. Below is a quick outline of ways we can provide value through a partnership with your church.

How It Works

Will your church be ONE that collaborates with She Is Safe to rescue girls in the hardest places?

By partnering with She Is Safe through learning, praying, advocating and giving, you can prevent, rescue and restore girls from suffering sexual slavery in communities notorious for human trafficking.



Would your church commit to rescue and restore girls in ONE region for at least three years?

Lead your church in intentional, lifesaving collective impact. These sacrifices will open hearts to connect with what God is doing in a specific region.


We also invite the people of your church to each RescueOne through a She Is Safe sponsorship.

When people RescueOne, they sustain the work to protect her from being sold, or restore her from sexual slavery and help her gain a whole new life in Christ – day by day. For $35 a month, RescueOne partners can help a girl learn how to build a life that includes safety, Christ-centered caregivers, trauma healing, food, medical care, skill development, education and discipleship.

You can rescue her from a life of slavery.