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Women and girls where She Is Safe works in South Sudan endure chaos, violence and displacement throughout their lives. But She Is Safe Groups equip women to support each other and succeed in business. Women in groups of 12-20 learn of God’s love, participate in savings and lending, and develop income-generating skills. These groups create role models of survival, industry and dignity for the next generation. Here are their experiences.

“This group has taught us we have value in God’s eyes. We have learned that He gave us gifts! Some are good at organization. Some are good at creating. And others are good at selling. Not only did we learn that God made us with gifts to offer, but we have also become sisters. We care for each other and pray for each other, and we work together.” -South Sudan She Is Safe Group Member

“When I started the saving program, I didn’t know how to save money. When I got money, I just finished it off. Then later I realized that if I saved I got the benefit of it. I am happy now because I can dress well and celebrate Christmas with my family. Now I can even send my children to school. I started a small business, and I was able to save a little more. I am happy to be in the group.” -South Sudan She Is Safe Group Member

“We have been a She Is Safe Group for six years now, and I learned how to save. I opened a small shop, and I can now send my children to school. We sell things we make. We sew bedsheets, we bake biscuits. During coronavirus time we stayed open as much as we could. We are strong! We have our differences, but we are smart, and we know how to save. We are businesswomen and we are strong mothers who take care of our children!” -South Sudan She Is Safe Group Member