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She is in DANGER.

In some of the highest risk places around the world, girls are the most vulnerable of all people to abuse and slavery.

She is in DANGER of:

Sex Slavery


of people trafficked for sexual exploitation are women and girls.

Human Trafficking


of those trafficked into all types of servitude are women and girls.

Child Marriage


million girls are forced into marriage as children – a form of human trafficking.


1 in 3

women and girls experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime.

The #1 cause of death for adolescent girls is SUICIDE.

Because of the heartbreaking trauma that girls experience, they lose all hope.

Because she is a girl, she has the potential to

Research has shown that when you equip girls in the developing world with education and tools, there is tremendous benefit to their communities.

An educated girl will reinvest 90% of her future income in her family, compared with 35% for a boy.

Her parents, who traditionally have seen girls as having little to offer, begin to recognize her intelligence and abilities.

Her neighbors notice the change in her, a change they have never seen before in any woman.

She is transformed. She is brimming with confidence and she is bringing her education, her skills and her income back into her community.

Women are the driving force behind the social change that occurs when freedom takes root in communities formerly plagued by slavery – creating sustainable freedom.

More girls, villages and communities are positively impacted. The positive change spreads and countries benefit.

Adolescent girls are the most powerful force for change on the planet. – The Girl Effect

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