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Dear Praying Friend,

I knew you would be excited to learn that four girls ages 4-8 were rescued in recent months. Because of your support, our co-workers in northern India identified these girls and removed them from an otherwise dangerous situation that would have robbed them of a beautiful future.

The girls, Prisha, Sanvi, Jaya and Ria*, joined 20 other girls already in the safe home. Some of the girls in the home are high school age, and one of them is now interning in the safe home ministry office-a wonderful indication of a life restored!

Your prayers and support have made it possible for 20 girls to be safe and free in this home. Now, these four young girls join them and have the opportunity to grow in grace, learn their worth and live with dignity, joy and purpose.

Yet, as we celebrate each life that is rescued, we know we have much more work to do.

I have walked the brothel hallways with our partners in West Bengal and seen little children living under the beds of their young mothers, who are sex slaves. Without intervention, children of sex slaves are put to work in the brothel at an even younger age than their mothers.

At She Is Safe, we work hard to prevent girls from ever having to endure the horrors of abuse and slavery. That is always the best possible scenario. But in some of the communities where we have teams, girls are already enslaved, and we must work for their freedom.

As you might imagine, it takes a lot of heavy lifting to see to the individual needs-physical, emotional and spiritual-of each girl, with the goal that each will be free and equipped to become the women God created them to be by the time they are adults.

Upon entry into a safe home, each girl receives a medical check-up to ensure she gets all the care she needs both physically and mentally. And then of course, there are the daily costs of the home.

Would you consider a gift of $50, $100 or $500 to care for these girls?

As new young girls come into these safe homes, they are embraced by “big sisters” who came from the same or very similar background. It is a sisterhood of deep scars that makes them want to hold each other close. Redeemed by Christ, they share His tender love with the younger ones. It is a beautiful thing to see.

Your support and this sisterhood of the redeemed is the recipe to restoration for these girls. How many more girls can you help rescue and bring into this life-giving sisterhood?

Today, your gift will do even more! We have a $50,000 match available, so your gift will be multiplied to make an even greater impact. Click here to help us meet the match!

I can’t wait to report back to you on the lives we see restored through your support. Together, we are making every girl safe and free!

For safety and freedom,


Michele M. Rickett
Founder & CEO

P.S. Please help to double our impact through the Matching Grant to make every girl safe and free.

Pantaloons and Protections

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Dear Praying Friend,

When I arrived on the island of Sumatra, people were demonstrating for YuYun, a bright girl who was raped and murdered by seven men and seven boys on her way home from school.

People were furious about yet another horrific incident of sexual violence. In response, the president of Indonesia called for stronger protections for children and harsher penalties for perpetrators.


Pantaloons and Protections

This new indignation emboldened us to reach more children with our Abuse Prevention and Recourse Training. We were able to go into schools with a letter from the governor and teach students the Ten Tips to Safety, give them printed copies and point out the Hotline for Help.

However, there was one more essential piece needed as a barrier of protection: undergarments. It’s a simple fact of life that most girls in the developing world have no undergarments. ZERO protection is the norm.

We gave every girl a cute pair of pantaloons with a ruffle at the knee. This new layer of protection is also a waving flag to any would-be perpetrator that this child has been informed and has recourse with a hotline number and trusted adults in her circle to report any abuses.

Right now, three communities are inviting us to provide prevention and recourse to 100,000 at-risk children, and we do not know how long this door will be open to She Is Safe. For only $10 per child, we could see life become dramatically safer for girls in the world’s largest Muslim country!

Click here to give the gift of Pantaloons and Protections to Indonesian children (Select “Support a Specific Project -> Indonesia-Pantaloons and Protections“).

make a donation

Until all are safe,


Michele M. Rickett
Founder & CEO

P.S. We have teams ready to go into each school as soon as the funds arrive. Please be as generous as you can as quickly as you can-and mobilize others to join too.


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