15 Girls Taken

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Dear SIS Friend,

Fifteen girls in a slum in Myanmar were recently taken. Imagine the horror these girls felt as they were thrown into a vehicle and driven to a city a few hours away. These abductions are a harsh reminder of the heartbreaking reality in the high-risk communities you are helping to serve. As we help children and parents become more aware and vigilant, you join us to prevent, rescue and restore more girls from suffering in this way. Thank you!

One blessed night, Khin*, a grieving mother of one of the girls, received a chilling anonymous phone call: “I have seen your daughter in the city. I know where she is.” I put myself in Khin’s place looking into the night sky and asking God to bring my daughter home. In His mercy, God answered her prayers. The tip, collaboration with law enforcement and resulting rescue saved about half of the abducted girls. The girls were reunited with their families and are enrolled in trauma counseling. Your continued prayers and support can help to bring other girls to freedom and safety.

The threat to girls in these places is constant and extreme. Together we can make families more vigilant about protecting girls. As long as women and children in high-risk, underserved communities are vulnerable to such trafficking scenarios, we need your help to intervene for them. The earlier we can step in, the more cost-effective and less painful it is for girls and families.

~ With prevention, girls learn to stay safe from traffickers. ($15 a year)
~ When rescued, girls are brought to a safe home.($2,800 a year)
~ Once restored, each girl becomes a star of freedom, shining a pathway for future generations. ($8,800 a year)

Although more opportunities are arising to intervene for girls, She Is Safe is experiencing an urgent year-end need of an additional $250,000 to reach the God-given goals of freeing and equipping girls and women from abuse and slavery in 2018. As you reflect on this time of generous giving, please consider supporting freedom for thousands of underserved, least-reached girls in partnership with us.

Will you help to shine hope and freedom for those who await our help?

Your generous gift will free and transform girls in the hardest places to build a safer future. Whatever you are led to do, every bit of support will become a part of reaching the greater goals for this coming year.

As I prepare my heart to celebrate Christmas with my family, I pray for abuse and slavery to come to an end. I dream of the day when we go to these underserved communities and see no girls abused, tricked and enslaved – instead we will see them shining with freedom and faith in Christ.

Until that day, your prayers and support keep working to prevent, rescue and restore girls from suffering these horrors.

For the job ahead,




Michele Rickett
Founder & CEO

P.S. Your love, prayers and generous giving are making freedom a reality for these girls and those that follow. Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas!

2017 Annual Life Change Report

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(Excerpt from the President’s Introductory Letter)

Dear She Is Safe Friend,

This year brings She Is Safe to 15 years of ministry! Though this report is focused on the highlights of the past 12 months, the fruit you see has taken years of persistence, growing our roots deeply into the soil of the hardest places.

While digging into the underlying causes of abuse and slavery, we have seen that prevention is the best strategy for making girls safe and free. By making at-risk girls, their families and communities far less vulnerable to predators, we are changing the way people think about the next generation of girls and boys. Every single one is a gift from God to be nurtured and protected.

You will see our preference for prevention reflected in the large numbers of individuals who have been spared from misery. I am sure you agree that it is best by far to save girls from a life-time of abuse and, through them, to make the next generation of girls safe, free and equipped.

Though rescue is a small part of our work, we celebrate every girl who has been rescued this year, while we also work hard for those who need restoration – making it possible for them to live in safety while they embrace their new skills and new identities.

God gets all the glory for this time of fruitfulness. And we want to thank you for partnering with us in the good work of prevention, rescue and restoration in the years ahead. We invite you to link arms with us.

Until every girl is safe, free and equipped,




Michele M. Rickett
Founder & CEO

Click here to view the Annual Life Change Report.


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