A Challenge and An Opportunity

Posted on December 7th, 2016 by

Dear Praying Friend,

We have two great opportunities to make thousands more girls safe and free – a $60,000 Challenge and a $50,000 Match!

A generous donor family has offered a $60,000 Challenge for our Forgotten Girls Fund. You can take up the challenge to join in so we can make greater progress possible in Christ’s Name for at-risk girls and women. These funds will be used where most needed to provide caring staff, material needs, equipment and travel to prevent, rescue and restore more women and girls in areas notorious for abuse and slavery.

At the same time, another donor family has offered a $50,000 Giving Opportunity to be used for sharing God’s love through She Is Safe learning and lending groups in India, Indonesia and South Sudan, and for abuse prevention for children in at-risk communities in Indonesia.

When your generous donation is applied to either of these two wonderful opportunities between now and year end, together, we will be able to reach and equip thousands more girls and women. We don’t want to leave either challenge unmet!

So, please click here to give a gift to help make every girl safe and free. Be sure to let us know which fund you would like to help by designating your gift to either the “$60,000 Forgotten Girls Challenge” or the “$50,000 At-Risk Women and Children Giving Opportunity”.

For safety and freedom,


Michele M. Rickett
Founder & CEO

P.S. Please share these powerful opportunities with your friends and families and encourage them to join you in saving lives.

The Mid-Year Update Is Available!

Posted on August 15th, 2016 by

Mid-Year Update blog

Dear Praying Friend,

Is a girl safe if she is born to a teen sex slave? Is she safe if she lives in a trafficker’s village, a slum or a war zone?

Girls born in high risk communities – red light districts, refugee camps, border towns and garbage dumps – live in the midst of serious danger. But we have the tremendous privilege of lifting girls from danger, thanks to a $70,000 Matching Grant Opportunity for the Forgotten Girls Fund!

Our cover girl for this Mid-Year Update (now available on the She Is Safe website) is Devi*, a delightful girl who lives in one of the largest brothel communities in India. Devi has witnessed some of the worst of humanity: traffickers, pimps and violent sex offenders. Is she safe? Actually, thanks to you, she is!

Devi’s mother joined a She Is Safe learning and lending group in her area of the slum, in the hope that she could build a better life and shield her daughter from living under slavery. Every week her literacy, vocational and financial abilities increase. She is building a new life, with God’s help, for herself and for Devi.

Mid-Year Report side-graphicDevi and her mother are only halfway into our program, and they need our help to complete the course and rise above their vulnerabilities. We can’t stop investing in their capacity to sustain lives of dignity just yet, or they will fall backwards into slavery.

We are only midway through the year, but we are already celebrating transformed lives and families. While we pause to give thanks, we also have our eyes on what is yet to be done for girls who are still in danger. Click here to read our 2016 Mid-Year Update!

You may choose to support a specific project or staff ministry from the list below, or you can do twice as much when you preference your gift to be matched to the Forgotten Girls Fund, which we will use where it is most needed. Whatever you prefer, we are honored to steward your gift.

Until all are safe,


Michele M. Rickett
Founder & CEO

P.S. Your generous gift will help us mark hundreds more girls as “SAFE” – now and forever!

Matching Grant:


Staff Support:

*She Is Safe uses representative names and photos to protect the dignity of those we serve.

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