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Country Overview:

Trafficking claims so many girls in Nepal that in one area, several villages are left without any teenage girls. Spiritual, relational, and economic poverty drive families to sell their daughters into slavery in their own cities or across borders to India and throughout Asia.

Our Work:

To prevent the sale of girls, our Anti-trafficking project works in remote villages to convince families that their daughters can gain skills to bless their villages. We provide income-generating opportunities such as goats to the girls, who can raise them and sell them. Learn more.

Transformation Story:

Rensi’s village is notorious for selling teen girls to the brothels of India. When Rensi found out about an alternative opportunity as a goat farmer, she was eager to learn. She paid careful attention to the livestock training and raised a healthy herd.

She began to see herself as capable of changing her circumstances – with God’s help. Rensi now generates an income to help her family. She pays for school and has joined others in her community to lobby for girls who are at risk of being sold.

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