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I want to be a teacher when I grow up so that I can help children from poor families to get an education. Most important of all, here I got to know about Jesus and accepted Him as my personal Savior.”

When girls are born in brothels, they have little chance of escaping a life of abuse and violence.

Through India Anti-trafficking, we rescue girls as young as three from brothels, providing them a safe home, education, nurture and the love of Christ. We rescue these girls and help them heal so they can live healthy lives in a supportive environment. It also opens up witnessing opportunities to the girl’s mothers, who can see the love of Christ in their daughters’ lives. Through this process, we are reversing a cycle of destruction.

As the girls heal from abuse, they often have a desire to give back to the community as teachers and educators. As this program grows, more girls will be given new opportunities and new lives.

Why Anti-trafficking is Needed for Girls in India:

  • Approximately 1.2 million children are exploited in prostitution throughout the country (UNICEF 2010 India Country Report)
  • West Bengal is the most unsafe place for women and girls in India. It tops the list of states where the highest number of cases against women and girls are registered. (National Crime Bureau Report 2012)
  • Sex trafficking has devastating consequences for minors, including long-lasting physical and psychological trauma, disease, drug addiction, and even death. (2013 Trafficking in Persons Report)

Last year’s Anti-trafficking Outcomes Worldwide:

  • 1,463 vulnerable girls were intercepted at She Is Safe-sponsored border stations.
  • 231 women and girls received shelter, counseling and vocational training to build new lives.
  • 3,340 school age children received education in dignity, healthy relationships and how to protect themselves from abuse.

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