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Anti-trafficking – Syrian Refugee Girls

Over 1 million Syrians have fled the horrors of violence to neighboring Lebanon. Many of these refugees are living in makeshift settlements with only bare necessities for survival.

For a girl, going outside is dangerous. She may be assaulted or kidnapped. Some men come with offers of marriage, even though she is still a child. So she languishes in her tent, longing to go to school or learn a trade.

Our work for Syrian Refugee Girls equips these girls with vocational and leadership skills. This year, hundreds of girls will learn about abuse and trafficking prevention and learn their true value.

Why there is urgent need for Anti-trafficking work for Syrian Refugee Girls:

  • More than 80 percent of Syrian children have been harmed by the country’s conflict, living in poverty, working instead of going to school, and marrying young to survive. (Source: UNICEF)
  • In refugee situations, the risk of gender-based violence upon women and girls is intensified. (Source: UNHCR)


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