Lauren C., Volunteer

“She Is Safe does a wonderful job of addressing not just the end result of abuse and human trafficking but the root causes as well. The organization communicates clearly about how donors and volunteers can help and the specific impact that donations can have.”

Ruth J., Volunteer

“Just getting someone out of a bad situation is okay but when you train them with work & life skills as well as give them hope for the future, then you’re adding another whole dimension!”

You, Your Church and Friends

Hands-On Project

You and your family and friends can help to provide much needed supplies and safety to at-risk children in Indonesia. In the third most dangerous place for abuse and slavery of children: Indonesia. She Is Safe is at work bringing trafficked girls in Indonesia and other countries to safety and new life. You can help to prevent these abuses in the first place. While you are helping children overseas, you will also learn safety tips for children in our own communities.

In Abuse Prevention and Recourse Training, with your help, we bring Ten Tips to Safety, a hotline for help, underthings for girls and school supplies to about 60,000 Indonesian school children each year. Boys and girls learn to treat each person as a sacred gift from God. The children practice sharing safety tips with each other in preparation for talking with their parents.



Volunteers are essential in the community of She Is Safe. Whatever your skills may be, you can put them to work to rescue and restore girls. Volunteer Opportunities are in the US ONLY with emphasis on Advocacy, birthday fundraisers and other forms of influence/advocacy for women and girls.

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Your Help Can Make One Free.

With your help, this could be the day that she begins her journey to freedom.