Dear Praying Friend,

This video speaks to a deep injustice when it says, “This is not right.”

It’s not right for these girls to be routinely abused and enslaved around the world. Thankfully, it’s not too late to light the darkness for them. As the year closes, I ask you to light the way in 2014 for girls like Ayan.

Ayan grew up on an island of Indonesia known as the capital for pedophilia and pornography. She was sexually abused by her step-father, so last year, at 14 years old, she ran away to live on the streets. A man she met offered to be her pimp. Prostitution seemed to be her best option for survival, where she would be used as long as her life would last.

Then an encounter changed Ayan’s life. She met one of our co-workers in the red light district who shared God’s love and offered to get her to a safe house. She was quick to seize the opportunity.

What lies ahead for Ayan? We hope to continue nurturing her faith, while getting her food, medical care and vocational training to keep her from being vulnerable to abuse in the future. We have the opportunity to help her become one who delivers other girls from slavery.

We are seeking to raise the needed funds for some of this important work by the end of 2013. This will help us move into the new year of ministry with strength.

In 2014,

  • Women and girls in the red light districts of Indonesia will be introduced to Christ, placed in a safe home and offered vocational training. (Current need: $43,828)
  • Girls and boys in India and Indonesia will learn how to be safe from exploitation. (Current need: $36,582)
  • Trafficked girls in Nepal will be rescued at a new border station, and given opportunities that will make them less vulnerable to exploitation. (Current need: $45,500)
  • Displaced women in Sudan will gain vocational skills and be introduced to the Gospel at the She Is Safe-sponsored Women’s Center. (Current need: $10,081)

These opportunities and many more await us in 2014. Will you help us move quickly to light the way for those who are eager for new life?

You can select a project above to help with, or donate to She Is Safe and we will steward the funds where most needed.

Isn’t it great to know that it’s not too late? Your tax-deductible donation can be receipted for 2013 right up until the very end of December 31, and you can give either online or by phone. Toll-free (877)552-1402.

If you prefer to use regular mail, the envelope needs to be postmarked on December 31 or earlier to receive a deduction for 2013.