The abuse and sale of girls will not stop without strong engagement from people just like you! So we invite you to join the movement to free and equip the world’s most vulnerable girls.

Your first step in joining this battle is to become an Advocate: one who stands in the gap and speaks up for someone who dares not speak up for themselves.

Since it takes funding to free and equip girls, we ask each She Is Safe advocate to give monthly at whatever level you can. It takes about $30 for a month of prevention, rescue or restoration – less than $1 per day for each girl.

Advocates also engage by learning and actively sharing the latest news and information about abuse and exploitation with growing numbers of people. Each month we will share with advocates the actions that you can take and the information, stories and facts that you can share with your network.

The 3 Steps to Advocacy

1. Sign Up

Email us to become a She Is Safe advocate. Watch your Inbox for the link to join our She Is Safe Advocates Virtual Gathering, where you will engage with other advocates, and join in a powerful time of prayer.

2. Give Monthly

Set up your automatic monthly giving here. Every gift is important in the work to set girls free, and equip them with new life. You will receive a prayer card of one girl who represents girls you will set free.

3. Take Action

Each month you will receive the Advocates In Action email with steps you can take that will have an impact on those who are bound to be slaves. We will provide quick action steps, as well as steps that require more time and effort. You get to choose. Whatever your schedule allows, with every action you take, you will be offering new life for abused and exploited girls.

If your book club, student group, women’s department would like to work together as advocates to sponsor events, please take a look at Growing A Successful SIS Advocacy Group.

If you have more questions, please feel free to email us at advocate@SheIsSafe.org.

Engage Your Church on Behalf of Women and Girls

Is your church looking to connect with God’s work among women and girls in least-reached, high-risk places? She Is Safe has been working to rescue and restore women and girls from abuse and exploitation for over ten years. Our SIS staff stands ready to serve you by equipping people on the issues of human trafficking, economic empowerment and discipleship.

  • To learn about how to engage your congregation on behalf of the “least of these” that can fit into your church calendar from New Year through Christmas, download our Church Calendar.
  • If you would like to schedule a SIS speaker to inspire and inform your congregation on topics ranging from missions to economic empowerment, take a moment to look through our Speaker Topics and contact us at info@SheIsSafe.org.

Indonesia Abuse Prevention

Indonesia is ranked as the third most dangerous place for abuse and exploitation among G20 countries. She Is Safe is at work bringing trafficked girls in Indonesia and other countries to safety and new life, and we also work to prevent these abuses in the first place.

In Abuse Prevention and Recourse Training, we bring Ten Tips to Safety,  a hotline for help, underthings for girls and school supplies to about 50,000 Indonesian school children each year. Boys and girls learn to treat each person as a sacred gift from God. Children practice sharing safety tips with each other in preparation for talking with their parents.

Learn More ABout Our Abuse Prevention and Recourse Training


Volunteers play an essential role in the daily life of She Is Safe. Whatever your skillset is, you can put it to good use in helping to rescue girls in the least-reached world from slavery.

She Is Safe does a wonderful job of addressing not just the end result of abuse and human trafficking but the root causes as well. The organization communicates clearly about how donors and volunteers can help and the specific impact that donations can have.

Lauren C., Volunteer

Just getting someone out of a bad situation is okay but when you train them with work & life skills as well as give them hope for the future, then you’re adding another whole dimension!

Ruth J., Volunteer

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

She Is Safe is a Christian non-profit organization that works to prevent, rescue and restore women and girls from suffering, abuse, and exploitation in high risk and least-reached places around the globe. SIS was originally known as Sisters In Service.

She Is Safe frees and empowers women who are at risk for abuse, exploitation, and oppression. This is accomplished by collaborating with local initiatives of education, economic empowerment, anti-trafficking, and advocacy.

Currently, She Is Safe has strategic partnerships with local women, churches and nonprofits in India, Indonesia, Middle East/North Africa, Myanmar, Nepal, and South Sudan. Our international headquarters is located in Roswell, Georgia.

She Is Safe is a faith ministry. We trust that God will move people to provide the resources to sustain and grow our work in high-risk places. We are deeply grateful for those who donate, advocate, and partner with us to fulfill the mission of restoring the world’s most vulnerable women and girls.

She Is Safe is not affiliated with one church or denomination, though we partner with many. Churches across the U.S. work with us to free and equip women and girls.

Churches participate by identifying solid candidates, sending people to join She Is Safe as staff or volunteers, by providing prayer support, sponsoring an advocacy group, or hosting events about the injustices against women and girls.

All projects are governed by a written agreement which lays out expectations in twelve month increments. Progress Reports assess the use of funds, effectiveness and benchmarks. She Is Safe Country Directors perform ongoing due diligence and evaluation, and they agree upon next steps with local leaders. Project Update Reports are sent to donors of a given project about three times a year.

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