Into the light: Prayer Requests for India and Nepal

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India Nepal

The final part of our 4-part series on Trafficking Prevention as part of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Tanushri* lived in darkness for the first years of her life. She was born into a maze of filthy hallways and tiny rooms, because her mother was imprisoned in a brothel. Tanushri’s mother dreamed of a different future for her daughter. Each morning she would wake up and stare out the window, hoping for an answer for her child.india blog inset 2

Our co-workers often encouraged the girl’s mother with their love and prayers. One day they offered her the solution she was dreaming about: Tanushri could grow up in a safe home, and her mother could see her regularly. Even better, Tanushri’s mother could gain an alternative skill at the new She Is Safe Transformation Group meetings, and one day live free of sex slavery.

Tanushri is quiet, but she loves the new sisters that she has gained in the Safe Home. She enjoys school and wants to be a teacher one day. Like most young children, she would rather be outside playing or snacking on noodles with her friends. Tanushri is thankful for her new life, and she prays that soon her mother can move out of that terrible place.

*She Is a Safe uses representative names and photos to preserve the security and dignity of those we serve.




  • It is estimated that 1.2 million children are exploited in prostitution throughout the country
  • About 27 million children are born every year in India. Nearly 2 million of them do not live to age five, often due to malnutrition.
  • There are over 200 million illiterate women in India.

Prayer need:

India continues to be one of the most dangerous places on earth for women and girls. Pray for the safety of those who are most at risk. Those who have been abused and exploited have suffered deep wounds. Pray for the spiritual, physical and emotional restoration of the rescued women and girls.



  • There are 230,000 people currently enslaved in Nepal.
  • 10,000 to 15,000 Nepali women and girls are trafficked to India every year.
  • The adult female literacy rate is only 65.7%

Prayer Need:

Pray that God’s love will take root in communities where girls live at risk, and that trafficked girls will be intercepted and set on new paths of freedom and faith.


Thank you for taking the time to pray through Human Trafficking Prevention Month with us. Of course, prevention doesn’t end here! Now that you know how to pray for these women and girls, be an advocate for them. The easiest way to do this is order a copy of Forgotten Girls and form a study group so these girls are no longer forgotten.

For National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, help rescue girls like Tanushri from being abused:

  • Share Tanushri’s story with others
  • Give a gift to She Is Safe and help rescue girls in India and Nepal, while preventing the abuse and slavery of girls and women who are at highest risk.


  Source: 2014 Global Slavery Index – Walk Free Foundationmake a donation

No Longer Alone: Human Trafficking Issues and Prayer Requests for Sudan and South Sudan

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Sudan South Sudan

Part 3 of a 4-part series on Trafficking Prevention as part of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

nafiaNafia* is one of hundreds of orphans in her village who daily forage the streets for something to eat. With no one to protect her or care for her, Nafia had to find a new place to sleep every night. She watched other orphan girls taken away by strange men. 

Nafia thought she had no place to turn, but God was doing a work in her village through She Is Safe’s ministry with a group of displaced women.  One of those women, Dabor*, was a single mother struggling to feed her children when she joined a She Is Safe Transformation Group. As the women in the group learned to save and fund new businesses, they naturally wanted to help orphans.  So, they pooled some of their money to take care of the orphans like Nafia.

Now Nafia is not only full of food, she is full of life. Dabor knew what it felt like to struggle for each meal, so she was able to empathize with Nafia, befriend her and show her how to build a stronger future. Now Nafia knows that she is not alone, the Transformation Group women care for her.  She knows that she is safe.

*She Is a Safe uses representative names and photos to preserve the dignity of those we serve.




  • There are 429,000 people currently enslaved in Sudan.
  • Only 51 percent of girls receive a primary education.
  • Sudan has the lowest age of legal marriage in Africa: ten years old

Prayer need:

Few countries are as hard on Christians, but our co-workers continue to reach out to free and equip women in need. Pray that God’s love will penetrate the hearts of women in vocational training and that women will be equipped and safe from the danger of trafficking.

South Sudan


  • There are 800,000 people currently enslaved in South Sudan.
  • Half the girls in South Sudan aged 15 to 19 are married, with some brides as young as 12 years old, according to Human Rights Watch.
  • Only 27 percent of girls attend primary school.
  • 84 percent of women are illiterate.

Prayer Need:

Though the civil war is over, South Sudan is still unstable. Please pray that the women in She Is Safe Transformation Groups who are learning literacy, income generation, saving and lending and the Gospel. Pray that they will grow the faith, hope and provision to rebuild their lives and communities. Pray that they will continue to be able to provide for their families so their daughters will be free from abuse and slavery.


For National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, help prevent girls like Nafia from being abused:

  • Share Nafia and Dabor’s story with others
  • Give a gift to She Is Safe and help equip thousands of girls in the highest risk places around the globe to build new lives.

make a donation

Source: 2014 Global Slavery Index – Walk Free Foundation

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