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Freeing and empowering the world’s most exploited and abused women and girls is a complex job. To keep us focused on what matters most, we follow five biblical, business, and relational values. These provide us with direction as we impact lives globally, locally, and internally.


We seek to focus on others. This means treating our volunteers, vendors, donors, and fellow employees with humility, respect, and integrity. As faithful servants of Jesus Christ, we exhibit great care for our gifts, time, finances, and material resources.


We believe that we ought to give our best to the Lord in our work and relationships. To build our reputation of superior quality, we invite respectful review and critique from each staff member, volunteer, and field partner. We seek to offer our best, knowing that we can always improve.


We diligently pursue better ways to perform our services and internal operations. We are not afraid to take calculated risks, learn from our mistakes and move forward. We are dedicated to moving quickly to bring our innovations to our field partners and those who benefit from our ministry.


Regardless of our titles or positions, we remain involved in the learning process. Through active (learning by doing) and interactive (talking with others) learning, we experience God’s truths and apply them to our work and our lives.


We believe our work environment should demonstrate love in a friendly, fun, fair, and forgiving spirit. We communicate directly with one another, sharing our concerns with those who can best affect the situation. We handle our differences with love and tact, without raising our voices or lowering our integrity.

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