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How We Work

The challenges facing women and girls are daunting. However, in over a decade of working in high-risk areas around the world, She Is Safe has developed practical steps to foster lasting transformation in women, girls, and communities – for this generation, and for those who follow.


We begin with a search for women and girls at high risk for abuse and exploitation.  These girls generally live in poverty-stricken areas with little access to the good news of God’s love. When we identify who lives at the highest risk, we research these two questions: “What issues make her vulnerable?” and “What are best practices for preventing, rescuing, and restoring her from abuse and exploitation?”


Once we know who she is, what she faces, and how to help, we partner with holistic, faith-based initiatives of local women, churches, and nonprofits. We have found local women to be highly motivated, diligent, and fruitful workers. Many have personally suffered under abuse, and are eager to show their communities that every person is valuable.


Once a partnership is up and running, we begin work on sustaining and improving the initiative. Our Country Directors work to track progress, leverage strengths, share best practices, and oversee the strategic use of financial support. The sustainability and success of each partnership depends on advocacy. We engage Christian and local communities to speak, pray, and raise funds on behalf of each initiative. We provide our advocates with updates on the work, media to help promote their efforts, and a collaborative relationship with SIS Country Directors.


We maintain a sense of exploration and innovation over the years.  It takes a great deal of time and work to see people grow in their ability to improve their own circumstances. We are deeply committed to our partners as together we work to see women and girls live lives of freedom, faith, and a strong future.

Visit our interactive world map to learn more about our work in different countries!

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