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Who is She Is Safe?

She Is Safe is a Christian non-profit organization that works to prevent, rescue and restore women and girls from suffering, abuse, and exploitation in high risk and least-reached places around the globe. SIS was originally known as Sisters In Service.

What does She Is Safe do?

She Is Safe frees and empowers women who are at risk for abuse, exploitation, and oppression. This is accomplished by collaborating with local initiatives of education, economic empowerment, anti-trafficking, and advocacy.

Where does She Is Safe work?

Currently, She Is Safe has strategic partnerships with local women, churches and nonprofits in India, Indonesia, Mali, Middle East/North Africa, Myanmar, Nepal, and South Sudan. Our international headquarters is located in Roswell, Georgia.

How did She Is Safe begin?

She Is Safe was born from the personal experiences and calling of our founder, Michele Rickett.

Michele and her husband, Daniel, have worked internationally for over 30 years. It was during their early years in East Africa that Michele witnessed the disproportionate suffering of women and girls and the valiant initiatives of local women.

Her vision was to raise awareness among those who are blessed with freedom and resources to address the oppressive issues females face. These include child marriage, malnutrition, illiteracy, health and hygiene, abuse and exploitation. She began to work with local Christian initiatives to increase their capabilities to free and empower vulnerable women and girls.

She Is Safe was officially incorporated under a board of directors in 2002.

Where does She Is Safe get its funding?

She Is Safe is a faith ministry. We trust that God will move people to provide the resources to sustain and grow our work in high-risk places.  We are deeply grateful for those who donate, advocate, and partner with us to fulfill the mission of restoring the world’s most vulnerable women and girls.

Is She Is Safe affiliated with any church or denomination?

She Is Safe is not affiliated with one church or denomination, though we partner with many. Churches across the U.S. work with us to free and equip women and girls.

How does She Is Safe work with churches in the U.S.? 

Churches participate by identifying solid candidates, sending people to join She Is Safe as staff or volunteers, by providing prayer support, sponsoring an advocacy group, or hosting events about the injustices against women and girls.

How do you monitor the progress of projects? 

All projects are governed by a written agreement which lays out expectations in twelve month increments. Progress Reports assess the use of funds, effectiveness and benchmarks. She Is Safe Country Directors perform ongoing due diligence and evaluation, and they agree upon next steps with local leaders. Project Update Reports are sent to donors of a given project about three times a year.


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