2018 Freedom Opportunities

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Dear Praying Friend,

In the underserved communities where we work, girls suffer in unthinkable ways: sexual assault, forced marriage, hunger and slavery. As we enter 2018, I want to invite you to give generously before the new year begins. We have unprecedented opportunities in slums, impoverished villages, refugee camps and red-light districts. As we attack the root causes of abuse and slavery, we change the lives of future generations.

Here are the opportunities that can be met by our highly effective programs and partnerships for at-risk
women and children. Our 2018 mission is to impact 77,569 individuals. This can be accomplished at a cost
of $1.5 million dollars. This is less than $20 per woman or child. Thanks to a generous $50,000 Challenge
Grant, you can help to match and double your impact. Please prayerfully consider joining us to meet these
goals and transform lives.

2018 Freedom Opportunities: Children At Risk

Consider your opportunity to intervene for 68,078 children, helping them
learn the tricks of traffickers, go to school or have alternatives that will keep them from being
sold into child marriage or sex slavery. Through our love, they learn about God’s love in Christ.

Join us to see a generation of children in high-risk communities able to stand strong
and protected from predators and shaping a future of freedom.


2018 Freedom Opportunities: Women At Risk

Where we work, women endure wave after wave of abuse and often bear the sole responsibility
for feeding, clothing and educating their children. Our interventions help them gain the skills
and freedom that allow them to champion the girls in their communities.

Consider our opportunity to intervene for 9,491 women. With your help, we can break
the chains of slavery and help vulnerable women build new lives. Our interventions help women
work together; gain literacy, leadership and life skills; create saving and lending pools; generate income; learn about abuse and slavery in its many forms;improve nutrition, and experience God’s love.

These women are strengthened even under the hardest circumstances: war, displacement,
violence and extreme poverty. As they develop, families gain the dignity of being able to
send their daughters to school. In places where women are extremely vulnerable to exploiters, you
and I have the privilege and opportunity to intervene in ways that cultivate their giftedness.


These efforts combined will free and equip
77,569 at-risk women and children in
India, Indonesia, Mali, Middle East, Myanmar,
Nepal and South Sudan

I hope you are as excited as we are that our outreaches have multiplied in the hardest places. Your gift to meet the $50,000 Challenge Grant will continue our efforts for tens of thousands of women and children.

This is our most critical time of year. Please consider helping us reach and equip these women and girls with a special year-end gift. Together we can continue to transform women and children to stand strong, and protect those who are most often preyed upon.

For the Forgotten,




Michele M. Rickett
Founder & CEO



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