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An eleven-year-old friend of She Is Safe named Amelia learned that girls could be sold and enslaved.  She prayed a heartbroken prayer for God to give her an idea of something she could do – and God answered her prayer:

Kids As Sponsored Readers

Children now have a way to help rescue girls through SIS by reading books. They ask people to sponsor them at $5 for each book they read in a month. “Then you read and read and read,” Amelia says.

Since it costs about $1 a day for a girl to experience freedom and new life, six books can mean an entire month of rescue, prevention or restoration.

Whether it’s one kid, a class or a youth program, it’s easy to Read to Rescue. Just follow these steps:

  • Plan: How many books can you read in a month? Write down the number of books. Decide when you’ll start and finish. Then visit our Work page and pick a place you want to rescue girls.
  • Register:  Go to (http://crowdrise to start your online fundraising page. Title your page with the country or project you want to help. State your purpose (ex: I’m reading 12 books to prevent 12 girls from being trafficked in Nepal) and set a goal (My goal is to raise $100).
  • Recruit: Your Read to Rescue team will learn about what you’re reading, support the work that you care about, and join you in spreading the word. Recruit them by sending out e-mails, talking to people at church, throwing a party, and calling your friends and family. You can direct them to your online fundraising page to make donations. You won’t have to collect anything!
  • Read!

If you want to rescue girls in one special country, make sure to put the country and project name in the title. If you don’t name a project, we’ll make sure your donation goes to a place where girls need the most help.

If you, your class, or your church’s children program would like to Read to Rescue, here are a few resources to help you get started:


In addition to money gifts, we are now able to accept vehicles, jewelry, used cell phones, gift cards, stock, and much more. Click here to learn about non-cash giving!

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